Steam Summer Slump

Yeah, so poor I can’t even afford to stop using stock photos.

So, I’ve been hesitant to write a new post lately… But then to the 3 of you actually reading this, do you care? Anyway, I WILL be back writing new gaming articles once the Steam Summer Sale has stopped grabbing every spare penny I can muster from the sofa cushions, and once I’ve actually got round to…well, playing games and disappointing family who hoped I would be able to do something with my degree.

So nyeeh, I’m not dead, I’m not *really* lazy, I’m just pre-occupied with this horrible “Real Life” (HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!) stuff. And if anyone is complaining that there aren’t enough “HURHUR SHOOTAHS!” on the Steam sales at the moment, the acid pits are over this way.

Oh, and apparently Charlie Brooker is awesome. (I lost a bet, yet grudgingly agree).

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