No new post? HOW DARE YOU! (Said no-one, ever).

Well… I was going to do a post today, regarding either The Walking Dead: 400 Days, or Cube World. However, Walking Dead came out at roughly 8-9PM over here, whilst the Cube World servers are still down so I can’t buy it. (Yes, I’m a normal, money-paying citizen with the rest of you. I don’t get games thrown at me for free). So all day I’ve been torn, the continuation of the excellent Walking Dead game from Telltale, or the VERY interesting looking Cube World from Picroma. Well, yes Walking Dead is nice and cheap, and guarantees as good a time as a person can have short of actual human contact (…). Yet, when taking into account budget, would I sink more hours and equally as much enjoyment into Cube World? Answer: Who the fuck knows?! Cube World still isn’t on sale after the server failures (Forgivable considering this is a game developed by a husband and wife team, who had no idea their servers were going to end up rammed more than a porn star), and I’m still wondering if I should hold off on the new Walking Dead episode till I replay the first season (Enjoyable as it is, this will be my third run through due to formatting my PC without backing my saves up. Yes, yes, idiotic me, waaah waaah).

Leave your suggestions below. I will eventually do a write up of both (An Alpha Alert for Cube World and a review for 400 days), but which should I get first?

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