Wait, the Grumpy one is a writer? What else is this miserable bastard?


Surprisingly, yes. I’m not 100% totally fantastic at it, but I’ve had a couple of messages asking if I’m actually a writer (Half of which I suspect are attempting to cause offence. Why do you even need to attempt? I take offence to the fact that people have to ask if ANYONE can write. Of course everyone can, the imagination and creation of new ideas, jokes, wit and concept is the hard part, not the spelling or grammar.)

So a little about my grumpy self. I’m in my “distinguished” age (Not over 70, not under 20). I’ve produced a few freelance articles on gaming, games and miscellaneous topics from various low key sources (I would link them, but I’d have to check if that shit was allowed first). The one thing I can show you is the above picture, which was the first draft (Yes, the artwork is amazing, but that was the artists “first draft”. Blame his perfectionism, not mine.) of a comic/webcomic that I wrote and co-produced with a friend. It’s STILL in production, but shifts in real life events have caused more delays than we’d like. But essentially, this comic (I’m not giving away future plot details) features a brand new world of my creation (With input from Woody, my artist and fellow producer) that tried to stray from the established Tolkien-esque conventions of fantasy. This included a full backstory to the world, characters, races and mythology that would be tapped into for the purposes of the story (I consider it more homage to Pratchett than Tolkien in terms of background, though granted we don’t have great A’Tuin or the elephants… or a disc…)

Apart from the above, which I consider my major current project, I’ve done a few uncredited script and background editing (Especially in terms of continuity, livening up and differentiating story elements) for scripts within a few indie games and stories.

And yes, as some of you have noted on Twitter with my current complaining, I am a fresh Computer Science graduate. A decision I took later in life than most, but I don’t regret it. So I know how to program. Yes. Shut up, I’m currently looking into starting my own project. No, you can’t help because first I need to get a job to help fund it. I don’t care about your rich uncle, I need a means to support myself BEFORE I start following my pet projects, so PLEASE stop emailing me (You know who you are).

Anyway, yeah, that’s me. And the artwork above comes from a good friend of mine who has recently gone freelance as an artist, so check him out: Woody Illustration.

CLARIFICATION FOR THE WIN: I KNOW how to program in Java and C++. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m “up to standard” as it were. I’m by no means an expert in the subject.

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One Response to Wait, the Grumpy one is a writer? What else is this miserable bastard?

  1. richjax says:

    Still amazes me how my script stated “Just before sunset”, and Woody captured the non-sparkly-arsehole-vampire “Twilight” hour perfectly in the bridge section of the artwork.

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