Why the world needs more games like Broforce


Yes, I know a lot of you want more “Oh So Serious Man Shooting” games with emotions and “compelling” stories (Don’t make me laugh). So I’m proposing this. We need more games like Broforce today. A loving homage to 80’s action movies (“Bro”manndo, RamBro, Brobocop! Explosions, Death, YEAAH!) it forgoes all the baggage of today’s gaming into a lovely Metal Slug/Cannon Fodder/Any-Action-Film-of-The-80’s-and-Early-90’s tribute. And it’s damn good fun. You can play the “Bro”totype in the link above and vote for it on Steam Greenlight  here (DO IT!). The developers are currently expanding on this simple premise by adding new features (the brototype itself has been updated with some of these, such as those bastard dogs).

So why does the world need these games? Put simple, most of todays games are shit. (Controversial, I know, but bear with me) For every shining gem, todays gamer is bombarded with 10-15 “Triple A” titles of varying quality. I can guarantee that of those, at least 50% will be shooters, where you take on the role of an American (Or locationally ambiguous white man) to shoot funny coloured/accented people for various reasons. How are people not sick of this?

Especially when developers (Publishers is actually more accurate, but that’s another argument) try to buck the current trend by creating, in their minds, a “revolutionary/unique/innovative/dynamic” storyline. One that has no doubt been wrung through the grinder within countless media, and handled within their game with the delicacy of an 12 year old internet troll trying to provoke a reaction with “humorous” comments upon a forum they have no interest in. All backed up with the same familiar mechanics that haunt todays shooters (2 weapons! Regenerating health! Muahahah!). Sure, the old ways weren’t realistic, but for fuck sake, you’re mowing down a million bad guys with impossible accuracy (That many short minded gamers consider equivalent to real life accuracy…) and can shrug off hot lead like your enemies were throwing week old biscuits at you. Here’s a hint: Sure, merely touching a first aid kit does NOT immediately grant you healing abilities, but taking a bullet to the chest and sitting down for 30 seconds is even MORE far fetched.

Anyway, rant over, back to Broforce. This game essentially is a middle finger to all of that, and you can almost feel the awesome dripping from it. I’ve tried playing with both keyboard and controller, and for a proto – sorry – Brototype, it’s surprisingly comfortable with both. Sure, the trailer gives off the impression of chaos, but the game does a masterful job of easing you into the carnage. Sod everything, one bullet buts you down, but rescuing fellow “Bro’s!” grants you extra lives (Remember them?). And once you have mastered the abilities and limitations of the individual Bro’s, carnage ensues in a delightfully fun way.

So why does the world need more games like Broforce? Because it’s fucking fun. And THAT is what gaming’s about.

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