Console War: The Next Generation

Another age. Another set of consoles. In an age….. I really should stop drinking when watch The Dark Crystal. Insert witty way to transition into the next section about the console toys and their “war” they insist on waging each generation. 

Like millions of others, I’m a veteran of these futile and, frankly, pointless (Unless you’re in marketing or analysis) “console wars” that are waged every 5-6 years (More in this case to be fair).  I was a victim of the old “Sega vs Nintendo” arguments in the playground during the days of the NES and Master System, later the SNES and Mega Drive (“Genesis” to our cousins in the former colonies). And you know the one thing I learned from it all? Get the console with the games.

A mantra I have lived by, even if I do embrace the PC as my primary gaming method. I have owned the console tv-boxes in the past, and continue to do so, but for the games. Not for the loyalty. The Xbox I initially dismissed as being a small pc-box, but then gems such as Kung Fu Chaos and other games (the initial Halo was good, but in my eyes, not the “Messiah of Gaming” that others declare it to be) convinced me to obtain one. I had a Playstation, it’s younger brother the PS2, and N64 and yada yada yada. My main point is, I buy the console based on its games. 

Which brings me to this generation. I’ll admit, on it’s initial reveal the XBOne was a fuckup of colossal proportions, its reveal just sounded to me like “Fuck you guys, it’s an “entertainment centre”. So fuck your freedom.” But, I persevered with my initial open minded view. The PS4 didn’t reveal much either during it’s initial conference, not even the look of the console (Retrospectively, both are fuck ugly. The XBOne is Wall-E sprayed black when combined with the oppressive eye that is Kinect, and the PS4 looks melted).

So the games then. This is what I felt my decision would be based on, which had the better games. Turns out… both are pretty much equal in my desired games, which means neither get my hard earned on launch. Dead Rising 3, a sequel to one of my favourite franchises, is taking a few TOO many liberties (“You’re an average guy. And now you can call in in airstrike” …) with the over-the-top formula, but still interests me. Metal Gear Solid? Nah thanks. I’d rather watch a DVD than sit through another Kojima “game” (sssh, they’re really 6 hour films wrapped in an hour of game).

All in all, I think I’m waiting a year before I consider buying into this generation. And from what I’m hearing, so are a lot of people. And yes, I know that Microsoft have recanted their “DuuuuuuuhhhRM” policies, but that doesn’t mean they won;t replace it with some other scheme. A worrying trend in todays publishers…

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